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Powerful, energetic and daring the Tiffany T Bracelet

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The Tiffany T collection by icon American jewelry company Tiffany and Co. was inspired by New York city but those adjectives also ring true for many African cities including Lagos,…


Trends: Watch for Floral Walls as the new Wow factor @ Events in 2015

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The WOW! Factor of a floral wall has welcomed it’s way into luxury African events. Just this past December this sweet smelling trend was the back drop for press photos at Villa Medici Restaurant…


The best boarding schools in Africa

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African’s treasure education. For most it is the only way and means to upward mobility.  The best African schools (private and public) work hard generally to ensure that they  impart…


South Africa is home to 1 of the best Luxury Health Retreats

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We as Africans have a lot to be thankful for, our under-industrialized countries afford us the luxury of pristine air quality and majestic landscapes perfect for luxury health retreats.  If better health is on your list of…