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When Fashion Does Your Talking

Fashion makes many statements on Inauguration Day!

We might not agree with their politics but one thing we can agree on is Melania Trump left the White House in high, high fashion.

Her all-black ensemble and upswept hair are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany. Although her color choice -— straight-structured silhouette -—communicated a funeral-attendance vibe, I loved her outfit.

Contrast this with the purple power that was happening at the Capitol for the inauguration of Joesph Biden.

American Design was on full display with Michelle Obama. Although I don’t like to compare Michelle Obama to Melania Trump. These women are not even in the same stratosphere. I don’t mean this in any ill way but comparing the two it is like comparing Kiwis to Mangos.

Michelle Obama understands her power and Melania I feel is not sure if she has any power other than spending power.

Michelle according to Marie Claire Magazine Online wore Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson

Christopher John Rogers is famous for winning CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year award. The CFDA appreciates his designs for being bold and dramatic with saturated, luxurious colors. He also is applauded for dressing Zendya. Side note: can’t wait to see Zendya’s and John David Washington’s new film Malcom and Marie

Kamala Harris also wore Christopher John Roger at her swearing in. On the eve of Inauguration Day Kamala also wore A luxurious camel color coat by Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pryer Moss.

Fashion is such a strong communicator and great to see it take center stage in this political milestone.

What do you all think about the statements that was being made by fashion by our political leader?

Did they nail it? How have you made a statement with what you wore?


Chanel Jacket

Louboutin Heels

Hermes Bag

Christopher John Rogers