Stop Aging Today – Marula the Luxurious and Natural Protection Against Aging

Marula Oil – The luxury oil from Africa

With higher levels of antioxidants and omega 9 acid than argan oil, another skincare superstar, marula oil provides some of the best natural protection against environmental damage and free radicals that lead to early aging.

Some of our favorite african luxuries

2015-01-04_13-23-51 The Leakey Collection are sustainably harvested from wild marula trees which produce more antioxidant-rich oil than the farmed trees, then cold pressed to extract ONLY the oil to ensure the highest skin care benefit.



Available only in late January

Ideal as an anti-aging moisturizer or as a serum booster on all skin types all year round. Super fine in texture it stimulates healthy collagen production leaving supple, dewy and deeply nourished skin. Can be used alone, layered or added to your existing beauty products to boost their efficacy.