Powerful, energetic and daring the Tiffany T Bracelet

The Tiffany T collection by icon American jewelry company Tiffany and Co. was inspired by New York city but those adjectives also ring true for many African cities including Lagos, Accra,  Johannesburg, Luanda(the world most expensive city)

The pieces of the collection are the “measure of the city” of New York where Tiffany is based.

Ms. Amfitheatrof the creative director of the brand said she aimed to capture the “power, energy and daring” of the city to appeal to global travelers.

Made of 18-karat rose, yellow or white gold and sterling silver, the pieces support the “sheer lightness of Tiffany design” and its American spirit.

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the collection:


Make a statement by layering your T with other iconic brands.

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