Yemi Alade – Johnny

Yemi Alade – Johnny

Cheaters Naija Style – We do go catch-em! We do go Bust-em!

Johnny is a song by Yemi Alade a Nigerian pop star. It deals with a man who has many girlfriends and makes false promises to each of them.

Like other African music this music video also recounts the stories of our communities. In ‘Johnny’ Yemi Alade deals with infidelity.

Many women across the globe deal with cheaters, African women are no exception. Some feel it is a part of our culture. The lifestyle of the African man.  Many married women deal with and stay with cheating spouses.

When a man fools you or breaks your heart it can be painful, especially if he leaves you pregnant or ill.

Aspiring for luxury means trying to obtain that which is hard to obtain. A person with a beautiful spirit may be hard to obtain because they are hard to find but they are out there.

It is difficult to be a single adult woman in Africa. There is a lot of pressure to marry . In Africa, being married gives you respectability and validation and because of those benefits many women stay in a relationship with Johnnies.

Yes, love is pure luxury. We all want to be loved but it is important to spend time with a potential partner before giving him your heart and body.

It takes time to get to know someone but a true African prince will indulge in the luxury of  spending time with you his potential queen.  A Johnny will … well watch the video here and enjoy.

How many Johnnies have you met in your life?

Enjoy the song and enjoy the lyrics.


Ho ah
Habokoto bokoto eh

Selebobo pon the beat
Selebobo on the beat
Yemi alade
It’s effyzzie baby


Johnny leave me follow
And i don’t know what to do
And he talk say i no do am
Like the way cynthia dey do
Johnny give uche belle
He talk say he wan marry
Nwokem ke di fe neme
Johnny mo, johnny month


I’m looking for my johnny eh
Where is my johnny
Johnny mo
Do you know johnny?
If i no see my johnny
Fefe geme

Verse 1:

I’m looking for my johnny
I’m looking for my honey…ya
ya ya
You telling me this, you
telling me that
I say this is not for me
Johnny do me corny
Johnny do me corny
He’s doing me this
He’s doing me that
But i no go tell mummy
He go canada
He go tokyo
Yesterday he say he dey
He dance disco
He sing awilo
Na lie
Na lie, na pinocchio
This one na gobe…ayakata
Original gobe
See me see wahala eh

Verse 2:

He get dollar
He get hummer
He dey drink palmi with patience and
He dey toronto
He dey sokoto
Or the lie he dey lie
He dey sokoto…ha
This one na gobe eyeh…ayakata
Original gobe
See me see wahala eh

Verse 3:

He go canada
He go tokyo
Yesterday he say he dey morrocco
He dance disco
He sing awilo
Na lie, na lie na pinocchio
This one na gobe…ah ayakata
Original gobe
See me see wahala eh