One of the most successful luxury SUVs of all time – the Porsche Cayenne .

When the Cayenne was unveiled more than a decade ago, the automobile world, especially Porsche fans were shocked to see an SUV roll out of Liepzig. After all, one doesn’t expect a sportscar maker to start manufacturing a mammoth five-door car all of a sudden. But what seemed like a gamble then actually turned out to be a runaway success. As of today, Porsche has sold more than six lakh units of the Cayenne! A remarkable feat indeed – this makes it one of the most successful luxury SUVs of all time. India too has contributed to this number – one does see quite a few of them on our roads today. Well, it is indeed one of the few Porsches that can handle our broken roads and speed breakers.

A new Cayenne is on the road. Should it be on you new car for 2015 short list? We say yes. It is a great car to drive you’ll often want to leave the driver home even if you are a mom only logging your kids to school or shopping. What a dream automobile

What we love

  • The sharp silhouette
  • The powerful face
  • Sporty in character.
  • Phenomenal  steering
  • Sexy dashboard
  • Wheel, is great to grip.
  • The paddle-shifters are placed well and are a delight to use too.
  • Attention to detail is very impressive while high quality metal accents are fitted superbly.
  • On the road, power delivery is linear and strong, making it ideal for town, off-road as well as highway use.
  • One of the best handling SUVs today.
  • Get behind the wheel and the eagerness and grip is almost sportscar like.
  • The diesel engine comes with active suspension and this is one of the key reasons for sharper handling.
  • In Comfort mode, the ride is plush and body-roll, though present, is quite acceptable.
  • The SUV can drive through deep potholes and broken roads and you can still probably sit in the backseat (that’s a lot more comfortable now) and sip coke without spillage.
  • In the Sport mode, one can still drive the Cayenne on almost any bad stretch in Africa.
  • The Cayenne is now feature loaded with most optional equipment now being offered as standard.
  • It even looks fresh and is in sync with the other new Porsches.
  • The ability to offer sportscar like handling and enough clearance to go through most off-road terrain in luxury makes the Cayenne a very unique offering. The most practical Porsche for Africa today.